A Basic Guide to Galvanized Steel Pipes

A Basic Guide to Galvanized Steel Pipes

What is galvanized steel pipe (GI pipe)?

Galvanized steel pipe is a welded steel pipe with hot dip or electro galvanized coating on its surface. Galvanizing can increase the corrosion resistance of steel pipes and prolong their service life. Galvanized pipes are widely used. In addition to being used as pipeline pipes for water, gas, oil and other general low pressure fluids, they are also used in the petroleum industry, especially for oil well pipes and oil pipelines in offshore oil fields, for oil heaters, condensate coolers, and oil exchangers for coal distillate washing of chemical coking equipment, as well as for trestle pipe piles and support frames for mine tunnels.

Types of galvanizing processes for plumbing pipe

Hot-dip galvanizing

To create galvanized steel pipe, steel materials are placed into a molten bath of zinc in 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This process is also called hot dip galvanization. The two metals are chemically bound to one another in this process, and will therefore never separate, resulting in a more resistant and longer lasting version of steel.Hot-dip galvanizing is currently considered to be one of the best ways to galvanize steel pipes due to its durability and corrosion resistance.


Electroplating is another popular way to galvanize steel tubes due to its high-quality finish and relatively cheap cost compared to other methods such as hot-dip galvanization. Electroplating uses electrical currents in order to deposit a thin layer of chromium, nickel or zinc on top of an already existing metal surface. Cold galvanizing is electro-galvanizing. The amount of galvanizing is very small, only 10-50g/m2, and its corrosion resistance is much worse than that of hot-dip galvanized pipes.

Mechanical plating

Mechanical plating, also called mechanical polishing, is a low-cost alternative that involves adding a thin layer of zinc using an abrasive blasting (shot peening) method. This type of galvanizing process is not as popular due to its lower-quality finish and tendency to flake or peel off.

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