A Guide to Understanding Black Steel Pipes and Black Steel Pipe Making Machines

A Guide to Understanding Black Steel Pipes and Black Steel Pipe Making Machines

Black steel pipes are a type of steel pipe that have not been coated with a substrate such as zinc or paint. They are called black steel pipes because they have a dark-colored surface formed by iron oxide during the manufacturing process.

What are black steel pipes and their uses?

These pipes are known for their strength and low maintenance requirements, making them ideal for various applications. For example, they are often used for transporting gas and water in both rural and urban areas. Additionally, black steel pipes protect electrical wiring and deliver high-pressure steam and air. They are also commonly used in the oil and petroleum industries for piping large quantities of oil through remote areas.

However, it’s important to note that black steel pipes should never be used for transporting potable water since they tend to corrode in water, and minerals from the pipe can dissolve into the water and clog the line.

The difference between black pipe and galvanized pipe

Compared to galvanized pipes, black steel pipes do not have a zinc coating. Galvanized pipes are more expensive due to the zinc coating, but they are ideal for carrying water. On the other hand, galvanized pipes are not suitable for carrying gas.

Introducing the New Victor black steel pipe making machine

To meet the demand for black steel pipes in the market, New Victor black steel pipe making machine has been developed. This machine is made of thick steel and is welded together to ensure long-term durability without deformation.

Features of the Victor Black steel pipe making machine

The New Victor black steel pipe making machine has several features that make it ideal for manufacturing black steel pipes:

Durable and Non-Deformed Machine Base

The machine base is made of thick steel that has been tempered twice for over 4 hours, ensuring the machine remains durable without deformation.

Stable Transmission System

The machine uses spiral bevel gears, drum gear couplings, and carburization and quenching for gear teeth to provide stable, efficient, and wearable driving system with higher loading capacity and lower noise.

Long Bearing Life

The machine is equipped with greasing nozzles for bearing lubrication, which improves bearing life.

Automatic Roller Quick Change System

The machine has an online, automatic roller quick-change system that enables roller changes within 10 minutes, allowing production to resume in just 20 minutes.

In conclusion

Black steel pipes are versatile, strong, and low-maintenance. The new Victor black steel pipe making machine offers several advantages, making it an ideal choice for manufacturing black steel pipes.If you are interested in our black steel pipe making machines, kindly contact us today.