This is the core part of the tube mill production line, which completes the transformation from strip steel to steel pipe, and determines the size and shape of the pipe

What is a tube mill used for?

A tube mill is a type of machinery that is used in various industries for the manufacturing of pipes or tubes. It is commonly used in the production of steel pipes, which are essential in construction, oil and gas industries, and several other sectors. The tube mill is a significant component in the process of converting raw material into a finished product that meets specific requirements.

The tube mill has several advantages that make it a preferred choice for tube manufacturing. It offers high production efficiency and can produce tubes in large quantities. It provides excellent dimensional accuracy and produces tubes with consistent quality. The tube mill also has the flexibility to produce tubes of various sizes and shapes, depending on the specific requirements of the industry. Moreover, the tube mill can work with different types of metals, such as steel, stainless steel, and aluminum, giving it versatility in meeting different industry demands.

How are steel tubes manufactured?

The first step in manufacturing steel tubes is the melting of raw materials. This process helps remove impurities and control the chemical composition of the steel. Once the desired composition is achieved, the molten steel is poured into an oxygen-converter, where it is further refined and decarburized.

The second step involves shaping the molten steel into tubes. Welded tubes are manufactured by bending and shaping a strip or plate of steel into a cylindrical shape. The edges are then welded together using various welding techniques.

After the tubes are formed, they undergo heat treatment to enhance their mechanical properties. This process involves heating the tubes to a specific temperature and then rapidly cooling them.Finally, the tubes are subjected to various finishing processes to meet the required specifications and requirements.


Precision & Stability
The outer diameter deviation of welded pipe shall be within 0.02mm, the ovality deviation shall be within 0.02mm, and the straightness of welded pipe shall be less than 0.8mm/m. Weld quality is stable without cracking
Roller Quick Change System
Online RQCS roller quick change system can complete roll change in 10 minutes and resume production in 20 minutes
Easy Operation
The whole line adopts PLC control, touch screen operation, equipped with Chinese and English interface (language can be changed according to customer preference
Widely Used
By change the roller, High frequency ERW tube mill line can produce pipes of different shapes and sizes.

FAQ Technical Q&A

Are you a trading company or a manufactory?

We are a manufactory with 30 years experience, we supply the factory price with good quality, welcome to visit !

Do you have reference project?

We have reference project in most countries,If we get the permission of the customer who has brought the machines from us ,we can tell you their contact imformation,you can go to visit their factory. And you are always welcome to come to visit our company,and see the machine running in our factory,we can pick you up from the station near our city. Contact our foreign sale team you can get video of our reference running machine.

Do you provide turnkey project?

Turnkey project available We can help you to start a new company in steel tube making.

Do you have agent and after-service stations?

So far, we have agents in Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and Europe. Welcome to join us!

When can I get my machine after I paid?

Normally production time is around 60~90days, the exactly depend on what kind of machine you order. The shipping time is based on your destination port.

When can i get engineers from you?

When you finish the Preparation conditions(water resource, electricity, air supply, production materials)contact with our sales people we will dispatch engineer to install the machine for you ,and train your employees to use the machine well. Normally when your preparation is done, you can contact with our sales people and cooperate us to get the visa for the engineer and our engineer will be there within 15 days.

How long time for installation?

According your machines order, we will send one or two engineers to your plant, it will take about 10 days to 25 days.

How about the spare parts?

We will send one year enough easy broken spare parts together with the machines, shipping together.

Do you have any certificate?

We have CE, ISO, SGS certification

Do you provide customized service?

We can design the machines according your requirements.

What’s your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?

We offer you high quality machines with 1 year guarantee and supply life-long technical support.