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Hot Flying Saw Pipe Cutting Machine

This hot flying saw is controlled by computer and is used to accurately cut steel pipes to the desired size

Product Introduction
Technical Parameters

Product Introduction

Flying saw is an important equipment of welded steel pipe production line. It automatically cuts pipes of various shapes with precision in high-speed travel, so as to achieve the length of steel pipes we need. Good sizing and synchronization performance, reliable mechanical transmission, so this machine has the characteristics of fast performance and high precision.

Hot Flying Saw


Technical Parameters

Max. Dia.


Wall Thickness


Head Sawing Type Drag Power (KW) Cutting Power


Saw Blade Dia. (mm) Max. Speed


Lathe Length


Pneumatic (Mpa) Hydraulic (Mpa) DC AC SV
Max.Φ20 VRQ-20 1.0 0.6 DC11

SV11 AC3 Φ350*Φ35*2.0-200N 120 3300
Max.Φ32 VRQ-32Q 1.2 AC4 *2.0-200N
VRQ-32 1.5 AC5.5 *2.0-200N
Max.Φ40 VRQ-40 2.0 AC15 AC7.5 Φ400*Φ35*2.0-200N
Max.Φ50.8 VRQ-50 2.5 SV15 AC11 Φ500*Φ70*2.5-216N 3500
Max.Φ63.5 VRQ-63Q 2.0 DC15
AC11 Φ500*Φ70*2.5-216N 3900
Max.Φ63.5 VRQ-63 3.0 AC15 *3.0-216N
Max.Φ76.2 VRQ-76 3.5 AC18.5 AC18.5 Φ600*Φ70*3.0-216N 100 4200
VRQ-76z 4.0 DC18.5 AC22 *3.0-216N
Max.Φ101.6 VRQ-100 4.0 SV22 AC22 *3.5-216N 4600
VRQ-100z 4.5 10 DC18.5 AC22 Φ650*Φ70*3.5-216N
Max.Φ114 VRQ-114Q 3.0 0.6 AC22 AC22 Φ700*Φ70*3.5-240N
VRQ-114 4.5 10 AC30 *3.5-240N
VRQ-114z 5.0 10 AC45 *3.5-240N 90
Max.Φ127 VRQ-127q 3.0 0.6 DC22 AC30 Φ800*Φ110*4.0-270N 80 4800
VRQ-127 5.0 10 DC22 AC37 AC45 4.5-270N
Max.Φ140 VRQ-140 5.5 10 DC30   SV30 AC55 Φ900*Φ110*4.5-300N 5000
Max.Φ140z VRQ-140z 6.0 10 DC30     AC75 Φ1000*Φ120*6.0-300N
Max.Φ168.3 VRQ-168 6.0 10 DC30     AC90 *6.0-300N 5000
Max.Φ219.1 VRQ-219 8.0 10 DC45     AC132 Φ1100*Φ120*6.0-320N 60 6280
Max.Φ273 VRQ-273 10.0 10 DC45     AC160 *6.0-320N 60 9580