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Steel Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

To reprocess the metal tubes, NEW VICTOR has developed the laser cutting machine, which can drilling, engraving and cutting in one machine. and this machine with high precision and smooth cuts.

Product Introduction
Product Features
Technical Parameters

Product Introduction

Fiber Steel Pipe Laser Cutting Machine

High-speed machining, high machining accuracy
Using high rigidity and thickened bed, with bus tube cutting system and bus motor, the processing speed is faster and the accuracy is higher, helping customers reduce costs and increase efficiency
Double chuck straddle cutting, short tail
The cutting head spans from the front of the front chuck to the back, cutting the last workpiece, the tail material is ≥40mm, which can save more material costs
Fast feeding and changing speed
High rigidity design of material rack, stable and fast feeding, cycle time is about 10 seconds Small footprint, can save 20% area


Product Features

Pneumatic chuck

1.Full stroke pneumatic chuck, automatic and precise centering, fast automatic processing.
2.Convenient application: the pitch circle of the gear is beating, the backlash of the gear meshing is adjusted in place, and the whole machine is easy to install.
3.Small inertia: high-speed processing can be achieved, which can meet the fast cutting of small pipe fittings.
4.Strong stability: The integral built-in drive structure provides transmission accuracy and stability.
5.The gear has built-in dust-proof to avoid the entry of cutting dust, good dust-proof, high grinding precision and low noise.
6.The rear card can be equipped with jaws or tooling to clamp special-shaped tubes.

Fiber Laser Generator

1.Fiber laser generator, using imported chips, with higher photoelectric conversion efficiency, lower power consumption
2.Deep research and development of core components: pump source, with 19 years of industry experience
3.High stability, low light decay, long service life
4.Its predecessor is the core supplier of most domestic laser manufacturers

OSPRI Laser Head

1.Cutting more sensitive: the highest support 4000W power laser, sensitive sensor. Optimized optical design with digital height
2.Cutting more durable: three pieces of protection mirror closely dust-free, more durable.
3.More efficient cutting: Dual water cooling design allows the cutting head to work continuously and steadily at high power for a
long time.

Laser head structure

1. The Z axis refers to the direction in which the laser head moves up and down
2. Structural composition: 1. Servo motor; 2. Guide rail slider; 3. Mounting seat; 4. Laser head, etc.
3. Structure introduction: It can adapt to different specifications of pipes by adjusting the up and down movement of the laser head.
4.Structural advantages: the mechanism is simple, stable and easy to operate.

Servo motor

1.Adopt well-known domestic famous brand servo motor, the starting performance and acceleration and deceleration performance are
better, the transmission process is more stable, and the control is smoother;
2. Compared with motors of the same power of other brands, when maintaining high stability, it has better torque performance,
lower noise, better motor protection, and adapts to harsher environments;
3.It has higher adaptability to the system, faster response speed, higher precision, better synchronization and easier debugging.


Technical Parameters

Model CTK-A6 CTK-A9 CTK-A12 CTK-A15
Tube cutting working area
 Round tube: φ15mm-φ220mm, L:6200mm
(Circumscribed circle of square tube, rectangular tube or special-shaped tube<φ220mm)
 Manual feeding: round tube: φ8mm-φ120mm, tube length: 6500mm
Square tube and rectangular tube: circumscribed circle≤φ120mm
Round tube: φ8mm-φ120mm, square tube: 10mm-80mm Rectangular tube/profile/special-shaped tube: circumscribed circle≤φ120mm
(Channel steel, angle steel need to be equipped with special jaws)
 Round tube: φ15mm-φ160mm (in line with national standard GB/T17395-1998)
Rectangular tube: circumscribed circle≤φ160mm (in line with national standard GB/T6728-1986)
Special-shaped tube: circumscribed circle≤φ160mm (please consult our technical staff for details)
X, Y axis positioning accuracy
±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.05mm
X, Y axis repeat positioning accuracy
±0.05mm ±0.05mm ±0.03mm
X, Y axis max. speed
120m/min 90m/min 100m/min
X, Y axis max. acceleration
1.5G 1G 1G
380V/50HZ or Customized
380V/50HZ or Customized 380V/50HZ or Customized 380V/50HZ or Customized
Dimension (L x W x H)
9600x2200x2400mm 8900x1650x2400mm(not including splice assembly) 8950x2200x2555mm
Machine Weight
5000KG 3500KG 4800KG