Professional Tube Mill Manufacturer With More Than 30 Years Experience


Jiangsu New Victor Industrial Co., Ltd. founded in 1992, is a professional manufacturer of welding pipe machinery. over the years the company is committed to research and development and production of high frequency straight seam tube mill line, steel ball rolling mill machine, copper clad aluminum equipment, slitting machine and other metallurgical machinery.

As the main research and development of the company, VZH series of high frequency straight seam tube mill machine has more than 20 patents, and passed the CE, SGS, ISO and other international certification. We currently supply more than 1000 pipe mill lines to more than 90 countries and are expanding. We have a professional team of more than 200 people, including more than 30 high-end engineers and more than 20 after-sales service team. From consulting to order confirmation, from production to after-sales on-site installation training, we strive to ensure that everything we do is of the highest quality.

20000+ m2 of Production Workshop

NEW VICTOR has more than 20000 square meters of production workshops and more than 200 employees, with the annual supply capacity of 300 tube mill production line.

Professional design team

NEW VICTOR has more than 30 engineers, and over the years we have obtained more than 20 patents.

Independent metalworking shop

NEW VICTOR has independent metalworking shop, including 30 CNC machines, including 2 of OKUMA’s latest CNC machines.

20000+ m2 of Production Workshop

Professional design team

Independent metalworking shop



1.Overall tempering 580~650 ℃ more than 4 hours to make sure the machine can be used in long term without deformation.

2.Gantry milling machine can process host table with high precision and high efficiency.

3.All components and parts are processed by CNC machine.

4.Before assembly, all the parts will be tested for accuracy.

5.Before machines leaving the factory, we will assemble the equipment and run it for one week to ensure the perfect operation of the equipment.

6.After the equipment arrives at the customer’s factory, we will arrange the engineer team for on site installation and training.


In the past 30 years, NEW VICTOR has served more than 2000 customers worldwide, with agents and after-sales service sites in many countries

North America
South America
Middle East



Through continuous research and development, NEW VICTOR has been awarded more than 20 patents in the field of metallurgical machinery


Our products have many certifications, including: CE、ISO、SGS